Why Acrylic Photo Printing is Gaining Popularity

January 23, 2024

Have you noticed more acrylic photo prints when visiting friends or checking out businesses? The format continues to grow in popularity as more and more people recognise its benefits over other printing methods. So, what are these advantages and why do they matter? Here, we consider the primary reasons behind the rise of acrylic photo printing.

Outstanding protection

When you make the effort to get photos professionally printed, you want to know they withstand both accidents and regular wear and tear. Fortunately, acrylic offers outstanding protection over traditional methods, as it’s wonderfully resistant to fading and cracking. Plus, it resists humidity, ultraviolet light, dust and abrasions, so you'll know your photos are bound to look incredible for years to come.

Modern, frameless designs

As design preferences have shifted towards minimalism recently, countless consumers have discovered the sleek aesthetic of acrylic photo printing. Rather than needing to purchase a heavyset frame, printing your images on acrylic offers an undeniably clean, frameless look that resonates with modern trends. In addition, your image pops with vibrant colours and a refractive surface, making it appear even more stunning in person.

Easy to clean

Cleaning a canvas or glass print can be a challenging task to get right. However, photos printed on acrylic are a much simpler prospect, with the glossy surface making it remarkably easy to remove unwanted blemishes, like fingerprints, dust and grime. Using just a soft cloth and a mild detergent, you can wipe down the surface to refresh the image and ensure it looks stunning again.

Readily customisable

When you work alongside a highly experienced team like Acrylic Mounting Online, we can quickly produce customised photo prints in a myriad of sizes. So, no matter the design of your space or the nature of your image, we can deliver an outcome that satisfies your needs. Featuring varied colours and thicknesses, our refined laser-cutting services ensure we’re the go-to service for customised acrylic photo printing.

Speak to the acrylic frame experts

Ready to find your perfect acrylic frame? Get in touch with the friendly team at Acrylic Mounting. Supported by our wealth of experience, trust that our advice ensures you receive an outstanding product. To find out more, send us an enquiry via email at sales@acrylicmounting.com.au, leave your details in our contact form or call us on 02 7252 3955. Our 100% Australian-made products come with a lifetime warranty!

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