Preserving memories with acrylic photo prints

March 27, 2024

When you create incredible memories with friends and family, you want them to ensure they’ll last forever.

Fortunately, acrylic photo printing offers an exceptional way to preserve these keepsakes for years. Rather than placing standard photographs in fragile glass frames, the process and materials behind acrylic photo printing have remarkable benefits.

To help you realise the advantages, we’ve delved into some of the best reasons to preserve your memories with acrylic photo prints today.

Unbeatable protection

Even the most careful person can lose or damage their favourite photo frames. However, when you get your photos printed as acrylic prints, you’ll know the materials used are highly resistant to fading and cracking, making them perfect for displaying around the house.

In addition, acrylic photo prints protect against harmful humidity, ultraviolet light, dust and abrasions, ensuring your beloved memories won’t gradually waste away or break when you decide to move home or reorganise your space. To protect your memories, there’s no better option.

Keep your memories modern

You don’t want to replace your photo frames whenever you redecorate or design trends change. Luckily, acrylic photo prints have a timeless quality that ensures your memories look incredible for the foreseeable future, no matter how you update your furniture.

With the colours of acrylic photo prints resonating with vibrant tones and a slightly reflective surface, the images remain bright and alluring while standard photographs fade. Keep your memories looking their best by printing them as acrylic photo prints today.

Easy to clean

You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of choosing a printing method that is easy to keep clean. Where canvas and glass prints can be tricky to wash and maintain without causing damage, acrylic photo prints are easy to upkeep.

With unwanted fingerprints, dust and grime impacting the aesthetic of your favourite memories, all you need to clean acrylic is a soft cloth and a mild detergent. Then, wipe down the surface to remove blemishes and return your image to its original condition.

Readily customisable

Using acrylic printing is another wise decision if you want to preserve your memories with a special touch. With the team at Acrylic Mounting Online specialising in laser-cutting and engraving services, it’s possible to produce a custom shape or add a unique detail.

This way, you can produce an acrylic print that reflects the personal nature of your memories while ensuring it perfectly slots into your living space. Alongside a vast range of colours and thicknesses, our experts will help you achieve the ideal look.

Speak to the acrylic frame experts

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