Hang Your Prints with These Stunning Acrylic Photo Mounting Techniques

January 23, 2024

After planning and commissioning some stunning acrylic photo frames, it’s time to hang them to achieve the best possible look. However, with so many acrylic photo mounting techniques to consider, finding the perfect method to position your designs isn’t always so straightforward.

To help you arrive at the perfect outcome, we’ve delved into the most common mounting techniques below. This way, when you hang your photos and prints in your home or workplace, they’ll make the most of the striking design and avoid causing damage to your walls or the frame itself.

Metal Standoffs

One of the most common acrylic photo mounting techniques requires metal standoffs. These nifty screws are designed to separate the frame from the anchor point, creating an appealing three-dimensional aesthetic. Today, you’ll find standoffs in various commercial businesses, as the look is especially effective for attention-grabbing photos and signage. These bolts are quickly anchored to the wall using a basic drill, ready to showcase your photo, print or signage.

Hanging Wire

Just like a regular picture frame, you can use hanging wire as a hassle-free acrylic photo mounting technique. Easily adjustable, lightweight and fast to install, this time-tested method simply requires you to measure up the space and install your preferred hardware, such as hooks, screws or nails. However, always carefully measure the length of the hanging wire attached to the back of your acrylic print, as this determines how the frame lines up against the wall.

Aluminium Mounts

Aluminium rails are an outstanding choice when you want the sleekest, most sturdy acrylic photo mounting technique. With a metal mount attached to the back of your photo or frame, it slots effortlessly onto hooks attached to the wall. Simple to measure and rapid to install, aluminium mounts are a smart solution for businesses that frequently rotate the signage on their walls.

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