Creative ways to display acrylic photo blocks

November 30, 2023

Adding acrylic photo blocks to your home or office is a great way to boost the colour and personality of your space. With these robust and aesthetically pleasing blocks made to showcase your favourite art and photographs, they’re the ideal solution when you want a little more vibrancy in your life. So, what are the most creative ways to display acrylic photo blocks? Here, we explore a selection of dynamic ideas to make your beloved images look even better.


Create a home gallery

While a single acrylic photo block is a great way to preserve a special memory, these products are perfect for creating home galleries. Set on a bench or running along a shelf, an assortment of acrylic photo blocks helps capture an unforgettable vacation, scenes from your favourite movie or artwork from a beloved artist. You can even mix and match acrylic photo blocks in different sizes to draw attention to a single feature image, then add smaller blocks on either side to complete the gallery.


Tell a story

Telling a cherished story becomes remarkably simple when you use acrylic photo blocks to capture your experience. From your best holiday snaps to a dream wedding day, printing a refined selection of images as acrylic photo blocks and displaying them creatively is sure to capture what makes the story so important to you and your family. This way, you can celebrate your child’s upbringing, an incredible overseas adventure or a romantic getaway in attractive displays.


Customise your displays

Paying attention to the small details is another way to level up the creativity of your acrylic photo blocks. At Acrylic Mounting Online, we offer customised engraving so you can include a special message on the front or back of your photo block. You can also explore customised frames for your acrylic photo blocks, with specially designed wood and laser cut stands adding another creative layer to how you display acrylic photo blocks.


Speak to the acrylic frame experts

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