Acrylic versus glass: which is better for you photos

March 27, 2024

While glass has long been the go-to choice for people looking to frame their favourite photos, the decision isn’t so simple now that acrylic has emerged as an outstanding option. With the latter featuring incredible aesthetics alongside superior durability and image preservation, benefitting from the latest materials might be the best move. Find out which is better for your photos by exploring the pros and cons below.


It’s no secret that glass is fragile. Therefore, it only takes a moment of carelessness to knock your frame over and see it shatter into a million pieces. Meanwhile, some types of glass are susceptible to scratches and scuffs from only minor touches, making it difficult to pack and move.

Although not impossible to break, acrylic is resistant to shattering from falls, ensuring it’s much easier to transport when you move home or office. When you’re looking for the most durable option, choosing acrylic over glass is often the best decision.


Whether you’re showcasing your favourite personal memories or images for your business, you want to ensure they look incredible. You’ll find acrylic tends to be even more transparent than glass, allowing you to experience the image’s colours at their most vibrant and true.

You should also consider the reflective nature of the surface when choosing your frames. While glass easily catches the light, obscuring the image at specific angles, acrylic frames are widely available with anti-reflective coatings, making viewing even better.


If you’ve gone to the effort to showcase your favourite photos, you want to know they’ll last for the foreseeable future. Both natural and artificial light sources contain UV light, which can cause photographs to fade in unappealing ways over the months and years.

Fortunately, both glass and acrylic are available with UV-reflective coatings, meaning you can readily preserve your images. Plus, you can find types of glass and acrylic equipped with a scratch-resistant surface, making them safer to handle and move when required.


You can’t overlook the cost of materials when finding the perfect frame for your photos. Glass is often cheaper to purchase than acrylic. However, you can’t forget about the shipping costs. As glass is much heavier, you can pay significantly more for transport.

Likewise, the opposite is true for acrylic. While the upfront costs of framing your photos can be slightly more than glass, the ease and cost of transporting make it an appealing option. Weigh up your needs before making the final decision for your favourite images.

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